Can I Bring Tulip Bulbs from Holland Home to the United States?

14 thoughts on “Can I Bring Tulip Bulbs from Holland Home to the United States?”

    1. Danke je wel! Amsterdam was a lot of fun… Glad you like the pics – I hesitated for a bit on making them so big, but the long shots are better when they’re blown up! Hope you’re doing well, T!

  1. Great piece! Love the hybrid tulip marijuana angle. Great info about customs too. I’m always
    so paranoid about that
    I really wanted to bring goat cheese back but couldnt get past the pasteurization issues
    So funny about taking advantage of certain seeds you can’t bring home:)

    1. Thanks, Emily! Glad you enjoyed this! Part of the reason I’ve eaten so much cheese in the past few weeks is that I know one truth: I can’t take it with me 🙂 So I hope you got your chevre fix in. I think the cheese rules for France are probably similar – if not the same – as they are for Spain… I’ve been thinking about doing a French counterpart to this post, but until then:

  2. Hello, does this mean that the tulips can only be safely entered to US? How about other countries like Philippines?

  3. When you are saying 12 bulbs, you mean to count the bulbs in each bag correct? Also, do you know if that is per person, flying with my kids but doubt they could claim some. ? Happen to now if they have these US ones at the airport? I am flying through Amsterdam and always so tempted to get some bu never known if I could.

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